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Letter to Residents

Thank you for visting our course website for the 2022 National Neurology Resident Headache Course.  We look forward to a great program this year. Each year we strive to do better and make the course more useful to you.

Please remember that the Faculty members are volunteers who join in this team effort to improve headache care in Canada.  We have consistently increased the interactive portions of the course.  We firmly believe that this will help you to learn and in return to do your training with important take home concepts.  We have listened to the feedback from previous programs and made the appropriate adjustments to maximize your learning.

This year we have the pleasure of welcoming two internationally renowned speakers who will be joining us.  We are confident that you will find the program interactive, informative and enjoyable.


You will be sent a prequiz to complete online and after the course we will propose a postquiz to help solidify your knowledge.


This is our 23rd year for the course and we very much look forward to having R2 - R4 neurology residents join us.  Don't forget to discuss with Faculty regarding travel grants and fellowships!

Please look at our CHS website: There is a separate resident section for you.


Tommy Chan, MD

Claire Sandoe, MD

Course Co-Chairs


Rose Giammarco, MD

Christine Lay, MD

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